Last week we attended probably the major international conference in the field of ageing research. "Biomedical Innovation for Healthy Longevity” #ivaoconfwas organised by #ivao foundation and held in Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was amazing and very exiting event. Every day, from early morning till late evening we had lectures of truly highly dedicated into longevity research scientists. The list of invited speakers was very and very impressive! (http://ivaoconf.com/).

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During the conference we were involved in the discussion of the latest results from world-leading labs, in which scientists conduct a promising research and innovations in different aspects of biogerontology, including mechanisms of action of heroprotectors, caloric restriction, epigenetics, regenerative medicine and many others. The conference program was quite intensive, but at the same time very inspiring and giving a whole picture about current knowledge in ageing. In parallel, participants were welcome to attend a business form, where investors, biopharma and mass media discussed strategies of science popularisation and novel ways to commercialising ageing research. Personally, we got a unique opportunity to be involved in it, obtain new skills and learn how to push forward longevity research and science, in general. Many thanks to Andrey Fomenko, Лада ФоменкоIsabell FomenkoAlex ZhavoronkovAlexey Moskalev and IVAO team for inviting #Minegenics(Amina Ibragimova and Anastasia Shindyapina) and giving a chance to participate in the conference organisation. Obviously, such skills will be useful for our future career in science!